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No Preservatives in Our Bread

Our artisan bread has no preservatives, stabilizers, or dough conditioners so we recommend that you eat a loaf as soon as possible after buying. We use the finest ingredients for our bread – unbromated flour, water, salt, and natural leavenings. However, we like to say the essential ingredient is the baker’s passion for his craft.

Artisan breads are created by hand in the centuries-old tradition of European bakers. The technique and observation of sensitivity of the artisan baker produce distinctive and personalized loaves of bread.

Artisan bread may differ from day to day and loaf to loaf with variations in shape, color and texture due to the human touch and the bread’s organic nature.   Each loaf is formed by hand, assessed by eye, and subject to the baker’s judgment every step of the way.




If you have any dificulty to order, please contact us at: delivery@edelweiss-deli.com


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